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This Week’s Question

Is it better to finance your business with your own money or debt?

Sometimes the path to more revenue involves some investment up front, which leaves the entrepreneur with a tough decision: to invest your own savings or to borrow the money you need. Teresa Clouston, executive vice-president for ATB Business, wants to know what your experience has taught you about financing your business. 



In The Herald

What does meaningful work mean to you?

Calgary business owners describe what fulfills their work lives. Originally published at the on Wednesday, March 22, 2017. 



Recap: From Me to We: Growing Beyond Solopreneurship

Catch up on all the details from our 25th Capital Ideas Calgary event on Feb. 23 with David Crosby, founder and CEO of Rosso Coffee Roasters, Lisa Gareau, founder of Candy Event Consulting and Moments Magazine, and Katie Nedjelski, president of Girl Gotch.


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